Items Considered to Be Assets When Declaring Bankruptcy

Nobody likes to think about declaring bankruptcy, however, for many, it is an eventuality which they need to prepare for. If you are considering declaring bankruptcy and are looking for some general information about what can be considered an asset, below is some information which can help. Property Of course, your home is going to … Continue reading “Items Considered to Be Assets When Declaring Bankruptcy”

Nobody likes to think about declaring bankruptcy, however, for many, it is an eventuality which they need to prepare for. If you are considering declaring bankruptcy and are looking for some general information about what can be considered an asset, below is some information which can help.


Of course, your home is going to be the first thing which is considered an asset on your bankruptcy application and assessment, however, it isn’t limited to just your home. If you own any other type of property, be it a home, block of land, abandoned warehouse, parking lot, anything that has a property title, it will be included as an asset.

If you share ownership of property with another person, be sure to speak with them about any implications your bankruptcy could have on their ownership.


Whether it’s your family sedan, a motorcycle which you have been working on and restoring, a tractor which you use for your business, or anything else which requires vehicle registration, it will be considered as an asset for the purpose of a bankruptcy application.

However, there can be an exception. If any of the vehicles are required for you to work then you can argue to keep them during the settlement. This is often accepted by the credits in exchange for an upfront payment.

Collectibles and Personal Antique Items

If you enjoy shopping on the Groupon Coupons page for The Walking Company then you will be pleased to know that you will be able to keep your collection of high end shoes. However, if you have any other valuable items then they will likely be considered to be an asset.

This can include any antiques which have been passed down through your family, along with anything which you have accumulated throughout your life.


While you won’t be expected to list your cell phone, almost every other piece of technology that you should can be considered an asset. These can include any computer equipment and accessories, home entertainment equipment such as television and sound systems, along with any gaming consoles or other tech enabled appliances in your home.

Similar to your vehicle, if you require a selection of items such as a laptop or a printer to operate your business or to maintain employment, then you can make an argument to keep these items after settlement.


While you have likely guessed by now, it’s fair to assume that you should be including any jewelry that you have in your possession as an asset on your bankruptcy application. While many of these will have sentimental value, it’s important to recognize the seriousness of a bankruptcy application and ensure that you utilize everything that you have to come away with as many more important assets as possible.

If you are in the unfortunate position of considering bankruptcy, these are important assets for you to consider. Of course, before you make such as decision, be sure to peak with professional about your financial situation to ensure that you are making a decision which is the best for you.

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